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Hallmarked Quality As Standard


Do you have old Jewellery you just don’t wear?

It’s just not your style anymore..perhaps? Maybe its inherited and carries great sentiment?

We can rework and turn your precious Jewellery into something contemporary that you love and will want to wear every day and pass on to future generations.

Fully Bespoke

Looking for something truly unique – made just for you or for someone you love?

Our approach is a collaborative process so we come up with a great design together, and then we will bring it to life in precious metals with beautiful gemstones. Our aim is to delight and quality is guaranteed. We call these items 'Jewellery with a soul'.

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Many of our shop items are one off pieces, so there really is ony one available. All our pieces are handmade using traditional techniques and quality materials - every item is made with love.

If you see something you love snap it up before it’s gone!

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I love making Jewellery to high standards.

I personally monitor the live chat (see below) and I am active with Instagram and Facebook.

Please get in touch for a free chat about your desired bespoke Jewellery.