28mm Fine Silver & Sterling Silver Feather Pendent with Black Spinel


Handcrafted exquisite feather and Spinel long pendant.

The Feather has a symbolic meaning of ascention and spiritual evolution to a higher plane; feathers are said to represent freedon and inspiration, and as they come from birds represent travel.

Spinel registers 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it not only beautiful, but also hard wearing and scratch resistant (only beaten in durability by Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond).





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Fine Silver & Sterling Silver Feather pendent.  This item is one of a kind and is handmade. The Feather measures 28mm in length with an 50cm (20inch) belcher chain.  A 2mm Black Spinel is set the top of the feather’s spine to bring that special something to an exquisite design.  The Black Spinel adds elegance and distinction.

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