October’s Birthstone – Opal or Tourmaline?

Those of you born in October are lucky enough to have two birthstones to chose from.  Opal which has great history and a fair amount of superstition.  Tourmaline which comes in a rainbow of colours like little sweets.

Opals are known to come with black or white bodies but in reality can be any colour of the spectrum.  Opals have flashes of colour (irridescence), and a great quality opal is truly spectacular.  The superstition surrounding opals varies from providing great luck to signaling great bad luck.  During the middle ages an opal was seen as a stone that could provide great good luck as it possessed all the virtues of each gemstone whose colours were represented. 1829 sees the Opal being associated with bad luck as a result of Walter Scott’s ‘Anne of  Geierstein’.  An opal posessing supernatural powers turns colourless when a drop of holy water falls upon it.  Very soon after the Baroness who wore the opal dies.

Tournamline comes in virtually every colour of the rainbow, and is a wonderfully versatile gemstone.  This is a gem that due to the range of colours was often confused with other stones, green with emerald, blue with sapphire.  Tourmaline is found in many countries around the world.