Welcome To Bespoke By Kim

Bespoke Hand Crafted Fine Jewellery

Bespoke & Handmade

Hello and welcome to our boutique store! 

Each piece is hand crafted using tradional techniques. We use precious metals with beautiful gemstones.  As each piece is handcrafted it is totally unique and you will see that many of our items have only one available.

Our time is split between bespoke commissions, includiing Engagement Rings & Wedding Jewellery; remodelling exisitng jewellery (often heirloom pieces) into contempraty designs which can be passed on to future generations, and repairs or alterations.

Our clients have given us such lovely feedback over the years, and come back time & time again – its always wonderful to see a familar face; we pride ourselves on not just top quality, but also exceptional service.