Merry Christmas & Exciting news for 2020

Howdy everyone! Well thats another year pretty much done and the festivities are upon us – we wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Healthy 2020 for you and your loved ones!!  Thank you so much for your support during 2020, every order, repair, remake no mattter the size makes a real difference to us as a small business (and a new business at that).

We’ve had some real highligths this year with lots of remodelling jobs on sentimental jewellery to make something that our clients loved and would wear everyday; we’ve had the priviledge of making multiple Engagement and wedding rings – its always such an honour!

2020 sees some exciting news with us exhibiting at Countryfile Live in Great Windsor Park – by far our biggest show, so it would be lovely to see some familiar faces while we’re there!  With this and Newbury show in September we will have a few less months at Newbury Artisan Market….

And as a final note, its worth mentioning that we will take on jobs that many high street jewellers will refuse to take on – especially where we’re talking about a tricking resize – and you get a personal service, you know who’s doing the work, where you precious pices are being held and that each piece will be treated with love and care!

Anyway enough from me – its time for Turkey, Mince Pies and lots of fizz & sparkle!

Thanks again for your support over 2019 xx